Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

I just had an amazing afternoon. I watched my favourite movie, Something's Gotta Give, and made crème brûlée with my very good friend Natalie while listening to Pink Martini's feel-good music. I know I know, crème brûlée always gets the attention and it is many people's favourite. But for now, (next entry please!) it has to make way for this luscious, beautiful and heart-warming Bread Pudding!

I usually cook by myself but last Saturday, Daisy et son bébé joined me. Cooking by yourself and cooking with someone is very different. When I cook by myself, I experiment, focus on the food and enjoy the peace and quiet. Whereas cooking with someone can create more mess, more chaos, but it makes you realize that good company is just as important as good food itself. Having someone to share with you the joy and sense of satisfaction is incredible. 

Bread pudding is my favorite dessert. I like its golden brown crust and its creamy, custard-like inside. It was once called "the poor man's pudding" because the recipe, born out of necessity, was created by someone who had too much stale bread in hand but did not want to throw them away! Even today, when fresh bread is everywhere, I insist on using bread that is of at least 2 days old. Fresh bread has too much moist and does not absorb the creamy mixture well enough to create the custard-like texture. 

Croissants have a buttery flavor, so you can skip the butter and do it the express way. Since Daisy and I are chocoholics, we added dark chocolate bits too along with the raisins. Yumm!

Follow Michael Chiarello's recipe, spend 15 minutes in the kitchen and you'll make everyone in house very happy! 


  1. that looks positively gorgeous.

  2. That bread pudding was absolutely delicious ~~!!! :DD Je vraiment aime ça ~* and moi et ma bébé had a great time too, it's lotsa fun~ :)))