Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crêpes flambées façon Suzette

I am very excited, this is my first post!
I am opening this blog to keep a record of the things I made and share with you my culinary experience. Thank you W for encouraging me to do this. 
I made some Crêpes flambées façon Suzette yesterday afternoon. It was very fun but a tad complicated. Love how the flames were set. It is one of my best childhood memories to witness the flaming Baked Alaska with my family at Jimmy's Kitchen.

Recipe adapted from Marmiton (french). But I modified it a bit by adding less milk and and some orange zest for both the flavour and the colour. Let me know if you have other great recipes to try out! :)

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  1. wao thats ur blog haah! cool
    love it and add oil with posting new dishes lah