Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Penne with Shrimps in Tomato Cream Sauce

I stood at awe of this unbeatable combination of shrimps, garlic, onion, tomato sauce, white wine, cream and parsley. I adapted this recipe from the Pioneer Woman website, but as usual, I didn't really follow the suggested measurements. I rely on my own intuition and of course, I always taste my dishes before serving them. I like it that way.

To keep my station clean and neat, I decided to adopt the practice "mise en place", which means "put in place" in English. I first realized its beauty and importance half a year ago when I cut my finger with a can while struggling in a very messy station (my sister always warned me about it). This practice is a must-do in professional kitchens. Before the cooking is done, all the ingredients are to be cut, prepared and separately placed in small plates and bowls, with all the necessary utensils placed at the stove.

I first fried the shrimp in olive oil and butter, cut them into small chunks and later drowned them in the gorgeous orange sauce. We were all so satisfied after this meal. This is comfort food. :)

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