Monday, July 18, 2011

My cooking list inspired by my travels

I left my kitchen for a month to travel to Greece, Italy, Spain and France. I did not cook but I tasted, shared and experienced local foods. Quoting Food Network Travel, it was an exciting culinary adventure that "focuses on new flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques in destinations around the world"!

Having tasted so many delicious, homey and authentic dishes, I decided to re-create some of them. My cooking list is as follows.
1. Greek salad
2. Greek aubergine dip
3. Souvlaki
4. Lamb shank in lemon sauce
5. Linguine con le vongole
6. Lasagna
7. Ravioli
8. Gazpacho
9. Chicken Tajin with couscous
10. Macarons (A cute guy, who ate a dozen of macarons a day, is going to join me with this.)
11. Normandie apple tart
12.  Bloc de fois gras d'oie/ de canard

This week, I'm paying tribute to the wonderful tastes of Greek food!

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